What is pruning Pruning of hedge MBgardendesign (1)The definition of pruning would be: what is pruning

removing parts of woody plants with the intention of encouraging development and design, preservation of health, and for many plants and achieve a balance between growth and flowering. what is pruning

Pruning the dead and diseased branches, competing branches that are touching, everything that hinders the passage and takes up too much space, soft branches in the crown of their undeveloped buds, buds, which have flourished with the seeds and stems.

What is pruning Pruning

Regular pruning helps to improve the quality and size of the flowers, leaves and stems. If woody plants are not pruned can become unsightly and unproductive. Also, can impede the area, if they grow too much.

Pruning is necessary for most plants, but most often pruned conifer and deciduous shrubs, roses, hedges, fruit trees. Shrubs that bloom in late summer and autumn pruning until late winter or early spring. This is because the frost damage to delicate young shoots, which would be developed after pruning obaveljnog as soon as the flowers wither. Evergreen shrubs like Buxus sempervirens as the most common form of the hedge, it is necessary cropping throughout the summer to make it look neat. Some shrubs, such as Sambucus racemosa, are grown because of the attractive young leaves, which occurs after cutting all stems to ground level in late winter or early spring. Without this treatment, these shrubs would not be nearly as attractive. Bushy plants such as Cotoneaster, Machonia, Symphoricarpus can be partially cropping before and after flowering, which stimulates the growth of new flowers.

What is pruning Pruning roses

Most woody trees and fruit trees, like apples and pears, pruning during the winter while dormant. At that time, except as inactive, plants do not have leaves or the fruit so it is clear tree structure. Trees whose wood is juicy, as Aesculus, Betula, conifers and some species of the genus Acer will probably let the juice if pruned in the summer months. Therefore, it is best cropping in late fall or early winter. Softwoods are pruned throughout the year, except during strong frosts. There are plants that do not tolerate pruning (Magnolia), so one should be careful, these injuries were inflicted by cutting do not heal. .

What is pruning?
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