drip system Irrigation system MB Garden Design (6)Drip irrigation system is characterized by slow, precise addition of water and nutrients directly to the roots of plants. Also called micro-irrigation, which at the same time saving water through reducing of runoff and evaporation.The ideal level of moisture in the root zone is a condition for forming a lush and healthy vegetation. As opposed to sprinkler which is significantly lose water because watering does not precisely, the use of drip system will avoid unnecessary waste of this. Also, too much moisture can lead to the development of plant diseases and for this reason recommends this type of gradual irrigationdrip system

Necessary components for a drip irrigation system: drip system

drip system Irrigation system MB Garden Design (1)

  • Polyethylene tubing Ø16 (transport water to your planting areas)
  • Pressure regulator (reduce pressure of incoming water so setup won’t blow apart)
  • Backflow preventer (prevent the return of water when the system is off)
  • Fittings (connecting parts of the system) drip system
  • Broadcasters (minisprinklers and dropper to apply water to plants)
  • Filter (prevents the entry of dirt particles from water)

In the picture is an example of a connected system of drip irrigation.

drip system Irrigation system MB Garden Design (1)

Things who are also good to now drip system

  • To make the system of drip irrigation better and more efficient must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use. Problems can occur if did not enabled proper water pressure, inadequate length hoses, incorrect spacing, or there are a large number of emitters that the system can not support.
  • It’s very important to perform regular maintenance irrigation system, cleaning filters and control broadcasters. Clogging coming especially if the system is supplied with water with many minerals. .
  • Broadcasters with smaller flow rate are good for clay soil that drains slowly. The wider coverage and a high flow rate have a minisprinklers, this is more efficient for the sandy soil that drains quickly.
  • drip system Irrigation system MB Garden Design (2)The system you can partly hide under a layer of mulch, but make sure that is free parts which emit water. On this way you prevent clogging. Also the tubing and emitters can put over the soil, however will be hidden when the plants develop. drip system
Watering garden with drip system
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