For any business is an essential quality and adequate tool, and pruned the same rule applies. The branches and twigs are shortened using scissors. Cutters operate on the principle of overlapping two crossed blades. They are used when pruning roses, shrubs and thin branches of the tree trunks. Tools

Tools Makaze ručne

There are shears with long handles for cutting branches that are high in treetops or are inaccessible and remote. Most of them have handles 38-45cm long and can be to cut branches up to 3.5cm thick. Besides them there are also strong with scissors even longer arms (75cm) to cut branches 5cm thick. Tools

  Tools Pruning of hedge MBgardendesign (1) Tools Pruning of hedge MBgardendesign (1) Tools Pruning of hedge MBgardendesign (2).

Scissors for pruning hedges are a tool that is often used for regular cultivation of plants. They have long knives that overlap and can shorten more twigs at the same time. It is important to have high quality, well open and have a sharp blade. Otherwise, use can be an ordeal for plants and gardeners. Tools

.Tools Trimming scissorsTools 50cm i 75cm

Motor tools

For large hedge is recommended to use electric motor or scissors. The process is much faster and easier. There are telescopic, with single and double sided blade. With a telescope can easily be trimmed low and high hedges. If you do not have near the power supply petrol motor lifts the solution, and there are cordless shears with rechargeable batteries. Tools .

Tools Motorizovani trimeri


Tools and equipment for pruning?
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