Water plants Plants for ponds MBgarden design (5)Within the home garden often is a small element of water. These are fountains, cascades and small pond if space permits. Following elements are certainly aquatic plants, which give such a water surface naturalness and harmony. Water plants

Aquatic plants that complement pond are grouped into five zones. Water plants

Water plants Plants for ponds MBgarden design (7)The first zone consists of the wetland plants. They used to be a lake of integration into the garden. This group of plants requires consistently moist habitat. Some of the most popular wetland plants are Primula veris and Hosta sp...

The second zone consists of edge water garden plants are located along the peripheral partWater plants Plants for ponds MBgarden design (4) of the lake, which is more or less immersed in water. Most appropriate for this group of plants to make ” shelf ‘or plateau in the shallows of the lake, the water deep 50-150mm. In this way you can grow a lot of different edge plants in baskets or containers for growing. Common types of plants that are used for edge zones are Iris versicolor, Calla palustris, Acorus calamus, Glyceria maxima, Sagittaria japonica, Pontederia cordata…

The third zone of the water garden plants are located deep in the water and their roots are Water plants Plants for ponds MBgarden design (2)submerged in the lake bottom, while the leaves float on the water surface. There are also significant for the water garden comprising a fish and, thus creating shading them, and also have the role of water purification units, and prevent the emergence of algae. There are hundreds of different species of these plants from which the leading position occupied by water lilies. Due to the size of leaves and beautiful flowers, an indispensable element of a water garden plants suitable for this zone are: Nymphaea alba, Nuphar japonica, Nymphoides peltata… Water plants

Water plants Plants for ponds MBgarden design (6)

The fourth zone in the water garden is made of subemersed plants. They are as well as deepwater fixed to the lake bed, but generally are completely under water. These plants efficiently consume carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, water, keeping it clean. Often called ‘oxygenator’ ‘, because they maintain the water in good condition and possibly provide the fish with oxygen. The most common underwater plants are in use Utricularia vulgaris, Potamogeton crispus, Ceratophyllum demersum… Water plants

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The fifth zone which enters in the composition of the water garden is a set of floating plants. As their name suggests, they float freely on the water surface and root them directly under it. They are almost always quickly grow and spread, so that should take care that their growth is not out of control and cover the whole water surface. That would certainly be unacceptable because it would gave the impression of untidiness and neglect, home garden. The most commonly used Pistia stratiotes, Myriophyllum aquaticum, Salvinia auriculata, Lemna minor…  .

The right kind of aquatic plants
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