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To select the appropriate type for your garden pond is very important to know how large the lake and at which conditions the fish can provide. If the small lake is best to define the finer types and vice versa. It is desirable that in some part of the lake depths exceeding 1m to keep your fish safe to overwinter. This will be discussed in the topic to create a garden lake. Selection of fish

The types that we recommend are: Selection of fish

Selection of fish

Attractive, reliable and easily adaptable pond. Very nice submitted lakes larger volume and muddy bottom. Color fish can be ouzo-red to brown-gold. They can grow up to 25cm and live an average of 6 years. It can live in a clear and muddy water.

Selection of fish

This is a big fish body. Can live in mslim and large garden ponds. They vary in color and may be a light yellow to orange and all. Grows to 30cm and lives an average of 7 years. Selection of fish


.Exotic fish with beautiful patterns. It is suitable for natural lakes and pond with Selection of fishfiltration. Various colors can be and often is dotted. The main colors are red, yellow, white and orange. They can rise to a staggering 90cm and live up to 100godina. Note that this depends on the quality of the biotope and size of garden ponds.


Selection of fishGoldfish is an excellent choice for beginners. Withstands very good cold climate and conditions loci aquatic environment. Can small garden ponds, not too fast and agile fish. The most common is orange red. It can grow up to 25cm and live up to the 40 Year. Selection of fish


.Selection of fishThis is a type of fish that is quite hidden. It is best to keep with other fish like it. Is not recommended with goldfish and koi carp. It is usually gray-greenish color. He likes to eat tadpoles and younger fish. Grows to 40cm and can live on average 10 years.


.Selection of fishThis is a very fast and resourceful fish. Very nice garden submitted lower lake and likes to be with a lot of other aquatic creatures. It can be colored pale brown to reddish brown. It grows up to 8cm and lives an average of 3years. .

Selection of fish for the garden pond
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