Picea omorika habitatPicea omorika6

Life form: unicameral tree heights up to 50 m.
Habitus: crown narrowly pyramidal. The branches of the first order are short, at the top of the crown are pointing upward in the middle of the horizontal and in the lower part of the canopy something hanging from the tops directed upwards.Picea omorika1
Bark: brown, thinly flaked and cracked.
Buds: no resin, lower flakes are elongated.
Picea omorikaNeedles: the spines crust, flat, with protruding rib length and the face and reverse sides of the needle. Dark green and shiny, while the reverse side has two white stripes of stomata. Long are 0,8-2cm a 2mm wide, with the tip which can be tapered or rounded.
male flowers are bright red flappy inflorescences, and female inflorescences in purple.
Cones: hanging after ripening opens. The lengths are up to 5cm. In the phase of maturity are reddish brown and shiny.

  Picea omorika 3  Picea omorika5
Cultivars: ’Expansa’ (h), ’Gnom’ (h), ’Nana’ (h)…

Picea Omorika – Serbian Spruce
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