Low water garden MB Graden design (7)In dry areas it is very difficult to build the garden and keep it ‘live’. The water in the winter months is not a problem, but the summer is a fatal for most plants. Correctly designed, your garden can be very beautiful and inviting if it complies with the following proposal and advice: low water garden

  1. Improve quality soil

To make plants grow and develop, we must ensure good soil. If the garden a rocky, sandy and poor soil should add the compost and nutrients. On poor soil will not be a success for most flowers, shrubs or trees.

  1. The right plant in the right place

Choose plants that do not require a lot of water and avoid large lawn. Beautiful covers the ground that are the Mediterranean habitats are ideal. Group same species with similar demands to be next to each other. low water garden

  1. Dispose of the weeds

Low water garden MB Graden design (8)Regular removal of weeds is not only for a esthetic reasons, on this way also do service to your ornamentals. This saves the moisture that draws unwanted plants from the soil. The best and easiest way is to be the beginning of the growing, when they are still young and gentle. low water garden

  1. Install irrigation system

Low water garden MB Graden design (2)There are different types of irrigation systems that will provide the necessary moisture. Add elements such as intelligent controllers associated with pump, new efficient sprinklers or drop by drop to enable precise irrigation and ease the work. Ad water only when needed, no need for sprinklers are constantly working, it is ideal that it is early in the morning or in the evening. low water garden

  1. Mulching Low water Low water garden MB Graden design (4)garden

An important way of keeping moisture in the soil is mulching. Cover the area around the plants with a layer of 5-8cm and so will reduce drying of the soil, get rid of the weeds and generally improve living conditions for plants. The mulch is organic and commonly used bark, chips or compost. .


Low-water garden
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