Modern designed details in the gardens is certainly something that can quickly noticed. But someone just does not want to follow the trends, likes unique works or simply does not have enough money to buy. Relying on our own ideas or inspiration as others have done, most of us have been able to hand work successfully use it. creative planters

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Surely you seen many times plant pots made from old and unnecessary things. If up to now you have not already done something like this, in this topic we propose how to easily make pots from old tires. creative planters

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Of course, primarily need is one old tire. Draw a shape with chalk as shown in the picture. Can be drawn differently, depends what you like, all up to you. The main tool which you should use is a sharp knife.

   creative planters from old tires (6)

With knife slowly cut according the template that you draw. Be careful how you do it, to prevent  injury. Then flip the cut tires down. You’ll get a container as shown in picture.

 creative planters from old tires (7)    creative planters from old tires (8)

That does not need to remain on this step, repaint its own way. Let your imagination run wild, decorate it, paint a something striped, with dots or anything you want. The combination of colors let it be harmonized according to colors of your garden. Be creative and you will have a unique detail in the garden. Take more time, because pay attention to this step it’s final touch.

creative planters from old tires (9)    creative planters from old tires (10)

The central part of the tire will stay and gives strength a potted. Since the perforated will be excellent for water drainage and provide good growth of plants. creative planters

Make your own edges on planters creative planters

You can also draw different template for cutting and the effect after cutting will be as shown in picture. .

creative planters from old tires (11)    creative planters from old tires (12)

Find your new place for pot, plant flowers and enjoy. When this flower pots be found in your garden definitely you will be proud of yourself. Nothing has more beautiful than the feeling that you did something useful with your own hands. If your neighbors are wondering how you created them, tell them you read great advice on Modern & Beautiful garden 🙂

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How to make a creative planters from old tires?
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