We all want to arrange  garden the best possible, but often does not have sufficient space for the desired look. Regardless of the size of the garden should be pleased that everything is well organized.

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Arrange a small garden? Arrange

For a small garden, a good solution is a vertical greening plants with prostrate form, which are used to cover walls, arches or vaults. In this way it will not take up much space because the emphasis on vertical and openness, and a nice garden furnishings. Flowering species such as Clematis alpina, Clematis chrysocoma, Passiflora caerulea, grow slowly and to grow they need to provide the support that will be accepted. arrange

Likewise, the use of plants in pots can enhance any room beside paths, terraces and entrances. In containers, hanging pots and flower boxes are used smaller shrubs and low growing trees, ornamental grasses and flowers. Some plants are seasonal and can be changed every year and adorn your garden.arrange Rock Garden MB Garden Design 3 When it comes to plants in general, pay particular attention to the height you reach and speed of growth. Location of the garden is an important thing, whether it is exposed to the sun or shady and surrounded by buildings. So care should be taken and whether plants prefer light or shadow. arrange

For a small sunny garden Alpinetum proposal is to regulate the so-called rock garden. Compliance stone and low-growing plants of slow growth it fits in a confined space. Plants for Alpinetum has plenty of succulent plants to dwarf conifers and ornamental grasses. Since there is a flourishing Aubrieta detoidea, low growing evergreen plant with purple and pink flowers. Thymus serpyllum is often used in rock gardens, spicy, low plant that fits. There are also blankets the ground, succulents and cacti most notably the genus Sedum. .

How to arrange a small garden?
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