Hide in glass garden pavilion (8)Garden pavilion is exceptional detail of each garden. If they are glassed, functions are multiple and therefore deserves great attention.

In addition to being a decorative element in the garden, serves as an attractive place for rest and relaxation when adverse weather conditions. You can retreat to the pavilion when the wind blows, it rains, snow, or when it’s cold.

It represents a new relaxation room in the garden, because it allows many beautiful moments and when there is a thought that is not possible. For example, here you can enjoy with good book and a cup of coffee while out walking neighbors in winter clothes. Or enjoy the sounds and the drops of rain that pours down the window, while you are sitting in warm space within the walls.

Hide in glass garden pavilion  construction of glass garden pavilion

Hide in glass garden pavilion (3)This little paradise of a garden room found in many editions and sizes. You can place it in the middle of the garden or in the corner.

Hide in glass garden pavilionSize and design synchronize with the style of your garden. You can invite into just the ones you want, and how big your gazebo will be coming the entirely depends on how many people are coming at this year’s barbecue.

Construction of glass garden pavilion

This structure is well insulated and equipped with good ventilation. From a greenhouse pavilion can really enjoy the view, because the glass walls provide views of 360o. Structures are usually made from a combination of aluminum profiles and glass panels. Thickness of the glass and insulators varies. Windows and doors are also made in different construction ways. Among them are standard, or sliding mounting, andis optionally can reconfigure glass pavilion in an open pergola. Producers offers pavilion in different sizes, shapes and colors. The most common forms the basics are hexagonal and square, but there are circular and elliptical.

Hide in glass garden pavilion 15

 Hide in glass garden pavilion (10)  Hide in glass garden pavilion  Hide in glass garden pavilion   Hide in glass garden pavilion

For the glass pavilion if is cozy you should think of comfortable furniture. All complete with small beautiful detail, interior decorations. Put candles and lanterns and have great time in evening. Tastes are different, but do not exaggerate with the details. It’s enough to put furniture, chairs, a small table and few plants. .

   Hide in glass garden pavilion  Hide in glass garden pavilion

Hide in glass garden pavilion
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