Bird feeders is one of the ways we can help them in difficult months. Birds which do not migrate in the winter it is very difficult to survive because of the lack of food and low temperatures. By planting the birds provide a natural diet, shelter and nesting sites. But in winter, when vegetation is at rest, they need help like a regular feeding.

Bird feeders in winter

Location for bird feeders

If you would like to feed birds in winter, you should pay particular attention to the installation feeder. Some species prefer open areas, such as lawns because of the greater transparency and easier spotting predators, while other species prefer hidden and sheltered places.. Balconies can be used as a good place to bird feeders.

Tits and goldfinches will be pretty easy to master the structure of hanging and swinging bird feeders, but not for birds such as finches and sparrows. Them will probably scare hanging feeders because of moves on wind.

Feeders for birds

For woodpeckers and nuthatch foods is desirable to set up in a tree. At a height of about 60-80cm is necessary to set up feeders for cardinals and finches. Sparrows, pigeons and robins, the most common food on earth and they should therefore be set up and feeders at that level.

Feeders for birds

Types of bird feeders

There are different types of bird feeders: some we can easily do it yourself, and some can buy. Type feeders depend on the types of birds that we see or we want to see in our garden. First of all, feeders should be sturdy enough to withstand winter weather. Also, it is preferable to be well protected and that food keeps dry. For this reason, the ideal is to use plastic and metal feeders.

Feeders for birds

Generally, there are 3 types of feeders in the form of tubes, trays, and a funnel. The general rule is that the ground floor or at a height of 60-80cm set tray. Funnel and tube bird feeders are hanging and suitable for places such as trees, walls and columns.

With what to feed birds in winter?

Most birds in winter feeds fruits and seeds of different plants. The food that they need to offer should be easy to digest and rich in nutrients. Sunflower which has a high level of fat in it is most suitable. Sunflower seed is not large, has a thin shell and can eat them and smaller birds.

Millet, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, broken wheat, corn and other seeds are also a good choice. Many birds will be attracted to dry (figs, grapes) or fresh fruit (apples).

Feeders for birds

There are also special ‘cakes’ for birds that are a mixture of seeds and fat (tallow). Feeding birds bread should be avoided. Because salt, yeast, additives and the fact that very quickly collect moisture, it actually represents junk food for birds.

Maintaining bird feeders

When rainfall should ensure that food was still available, dry and not covered with snow. Feeder sure we daily add new food supplies since the birds will develop a habit of returning to the place where they have found food.

Regular cleaning bird feeders will prevent the growth of mold that can cause infection in birds. Be careful not to be a lot of leftover food to make you avoid the arrival of unwanted visitors, such as squirrels and mice.

Feeders for birds

Please note that after washing the feeder is dry before use. For birds, the water that is not frozen is just as important as the food. Therefore, we should provide them fresh water every day.

Advice plus
  • The birdhouse not put food because they are a place for nesting and not for feeding
  • Observe birds without much sudden movements and with a certain distance
  • Avoid overcrowding bird feeders in the garden, there is no need to be at every step
  • It is best to separate each type of seeds in a separate feeder. Or to put up feeders with one type of seed. Each type of bird selects a particular type of seed and eat that which suits them. If more different grains, is likely to remain. In this case, we have to clean more often. With more bird feeders in which only one kind of seed increase and diversity of birds in our garden. The birds will easily reach the desired food, and crowds at other feeders will be less.
Bird feeders in winter
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